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Fitted Mats / Well Mats

Fitted & Well Mat Specialists

Fitted mats or well mats can be made fit into any area you require where a loose laying mat may not be ideal. A fitted / well mat can help create a lasting first impression for your home or business.

See our fitted / well mat products below:

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9 Item(s)

Well Mats

Well mats are made to fit perfectly into a recess at the entrance of your home or business to allow the mat to sit flush with the surrounding area.

We have a range of coir and cotton mats which can be made to fit into a well.

Coir Well Mats

Coir well mats use the fibres from a coconut to produce a dirt and moisture absorbing mat that provides long lasting protection to your flooring.

Cotton Well Mats

Our range of cotton well mats provide a softer finish compared to a coir mat whilst also containing dirt and moisture absorbing properties.

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