About Us

Mats to suit your unique requirements

Ideal Mats was started with the ambitious aim of providing the biggest and best range of mats and matting on the Internet.  We are not a faceless internet company - we take pride in our reputation both on and offline.

We are passionate about offering a wide range of quality products, available at a competitive price with a reliable service that is second to none. Service that is based on experience and knowledge built up over 28 years working for several mat manufacturers covering retail, commercial, rental and promotional markets. It is this experience that gives Ideal Mats the edge over our competitors.

By working for manufacturers, you become involved in designing, producing, marketing and selling a product. Only when you have worked, as we have, in the production departments physically making mats, mixing colours for the logomats or trimming the mat borders etc - can you truly understand the products you are selling or recommending.

We actively use our experience every day by giving our customers unbiased advice and making suggestions on designs, colours or simply product choice. We take pride in our attention to detail - whether this is through high quality product photography or our response time to emails or phone messages.

The Ideal Mats web site is a one-stop shop for all your matting needs. We want you to be delighted with your mat purchase, not just now but weeks and months down the line.