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Frequently Asked Questions

General Mat Questions:

1. How long will my mat(s) take to arrive?

Usually for an ‘in stock’ mat, delivery will be 2-3 days later depending on the time you ordered. Custom sizes or bespoke mats like Logo mats will take longer. Please refer to the individual mat product pages for more information.

2. Do your mat prices include vat?

VAT is added at check-out to your total mat order.

3. Where do you deliver mats to?

We deliver mats all over the world. Contact us for a carriage cost for anywhere outside of the UK.

4. What are your product guarantees for your mats?

Our guarantees are detailed on each product page.

5. How do I place my mat order?

You can order mats directly on our website.

6. What sizes & colours of mats are available?

This is detailed on each mat product page.

7. Can I cancel an order for mats?

If your mat order has not been despatched, then you may cancel it. For custom sized or a Logo Mat order, if manufacture has not commenced you may cancel it. Click here to request cancellation.

8. What is your returns policy for mats?

For faulty mat and matting products, we offer a no quibble exchange.

9. How secure are my payment details?

We use PayPal & Google Checkout to process our card payments. Both are recognised as safe and secure payment gateways.

10. How do I wash & dry my mat?

Care & maintenance guidelines are detailed on each mat product page.

11. Which mat products are available ‘made to measure’

Please see our ‘Made to Measure’ mats sections for a full list of products.

12. How do I contact you?

Click here to contact us or on the ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom of the home page.

13. How can I pay with credit card without a Paypal account?

You can easily use your Visa, MasterCard or Discover card by selecting "PayPal" as your payment method. 
You will be redirected to the PayPal checkout page, once there you can:

  • Login to your PayPal account if you have one or 
  • If you do not have a PayPal account simply click the button that says;"If you do not currently have a PayPal account, Click Here". 
You will then be able to enter your credit card information


 Product Specific Questions

Entrance Mats

1. How close are your web colours to the actual mat colours?

We have tried our very best to give as close a representation colour wise as possible. For absolute accuracy, please request a mat swatch sample.

2. Which is better PVC or rubber backing for a mat?

Rubber backing is the most durable mat backing and is also machine washable. PVC is a cost effective backing which is perfectly acceptable. PVC backed mats can be steam cleaned as needed.

3. Which mat is best for really wet conditions or heavy snow etc?

We would recommend an outdoor scraper mat used in conjunction with an absorbent interior mat. Please look in our Outdoor and Absorbent mat sections to find the right product for you.

4. Which mats are best for dry dirt retention?

Usually for dry dirt a nylon or polypropylene mat surface is best. Our mat product pages detail the absorbency or dry dirt rating for each mat.

5. How do I determine which mat is right for me?

If you are unsure what mat you need – please contact us. We are happy to help.

6. What type of mat backing is best for hard floors?

A mat with a smooth backing is best for hard floors.

7. What type of mat backing is best for carpeted floors?

For rubber backed mats, we would recommend a gripper backing for carpeted floors.

8. What is coir matting?

Coir matting comes from a fibre made from coconut husks. It is a popular, natural entrance matting product due to its scraper action and liquid absorbency. Usually placed in a floor well.

Industrial Rubber Mats

1. What is an Anti-Fatigue Mat?

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide a comfortable floor surface for personnel who spend long periods standing ie: operating machinery or on a production line for example.

2. How will Anti-Fatigue Mats help my business to become more productive?

Comfortable workers are more productive workers. Anti-fatigue matting reduces fatigue on the feet, legs and back by promoting regular movement of muscles. Scientific studies have proven that the use of anti-fatigue matting has a beneficial effect on the postural comfort for those who stand for long periods of time compared to those who stand on concrete.

3. What are Swarf Mats?

Swarf Mats are industrial rubber mats used to remove and collect debris (swarf) generated from a manufacturing industry or from passing foot traffic. They are designed with minimal maintenance in mind and can therefore be shaken out, hosed down or jet sprayed quickly and easily.

4. Which mats are best for use in food preparation areas?

We have a selection of matting products available in our Kitchen/Grease/Oil Matting section that would be suitable.

5. I have a problem with oil contaminated floors which is a safety issue – what product would you recommend to help in this situation?

Please refer to our Safety Mat section where we have a range of products available

Logo Mats

 1. How do I order a Logo mat?

We offer several different types of Logo Mats. If you unsure which one would suit you best, please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and recommend a suitable product. If you know which product you require, simply follow the order process on the Logo Mat section detailing the size and quantity you require. We will then contact you to discuss the next stage regarding your chosen design.

2. What file format do you require my Logo mat design in?

Usually jpeg, pdf or tiff. But if you have something in Word or PowerPoint or are simply unsure about your design – please contact us we are happy to help.

3. Will I receive anything to approve prior to Logo mat production?

Yes you will receive a proof on email to check and approve or we can adjust this until you are 100% happy. Colours detailed on your proof are just a visual representation – where absolute accuracy is essential, we recommend you refer to actual swatch colours. Please note we also offer a pantone matching service at an additional cost.

4. How many colours can I select per Logo mat?

You can select up to 14 colours per Logo mat on our Colourscope Logo mat range and up to 8 colours on our Coir Logo and Scraper Logo Mat products. There are no colour restrictions on the Outdoor Logo Scraper Mat.

5. What sizes are available in Logo Mats?

The standard sizes available are detailed within the Logo Mat sections.

6. Can I have a custom size Logo Mat?

Yes we offer a custom size service on all our Logo Mat products. Full details can be found in the Logo Mat sections.

7. How long will artwork production take for my Logo Mat?

You should receive your Logo Mat proof within 24 hours.

8. How long is it between artwork approval and delivery of my Logo mat?

This depends on your choice of product. For Colourscope Logo Mats, this is usually 15 working days. For Coir Logo and Scraper Logo Mats, we offer a 7 day service.

9. What should I consider when ordering a Logo Mat?

Most importantly, the colours. A darker background is recommended for Logo Mats. Use champagne or a light grey instead of white. If you must include white, keep it to an absolute minimum. We will check your design at the artwork stage and make any recommendations regarding the design or colour choice. We want you to be delighted with your Logo Mat not just initially but weeks and months down the line. Our recommendations are based on many years experience on what works and what doesn’t work on a Logo Mat.

Consider where your Logo Mat is being placed, the likely foot traffic and decide on the most practical size required. Also consider how you intend to maintain it. Full care and maintenance instructions are detailed on our Logo Mat product pages.

10. Can I see any colour swatches of Logo Mat?

Yes we offer a free swatch service on request. As detailed in item 3 above, your Logo Mat proof is just a visual representation and we would always recommend checking actual samples where complete accuracy is essential. A pantone matching service is also available for additional cost.

Leisure Mats

1. Is the swimming pool matting non-slip?

Our leisure range of swimming pool mats have been designed for bare foot comfort and safety in wet areas. They have also been developed in an easy clean format with innovative connector systems to cover unusual shaped areas.

2. How do I clean swimming pool and gym matting?

Swimming pool matting can be hosed down as required. A pH neutral detergent can also be used. Gym matting can be wiped over with a damp cloth and left to dry naturally.


1. How effective are the non-slip underlays (Texstop/Anchor Grip) at stopping mats from moving?

Texstop and Anchor Grip help to reduce mat movement. They will not eliminate all movement. Mats will move (or creep) depending on the foot traffic and the floor surface. Texstop and Anchor Grip cut down on that movement considerably.

2. Where would you use the anti-slip Gripsure tape?

Gripsure has been designed for use on floors, ramps and stairs in a variety of industrial or commercial applications. Gripsure Aqua-Safe has been designed for bare foot comfort in leisure environments.

3. Which Mats are best for retaining fine dust and dirt particles?

Our Dust-Trap mats have been developed specifically for this purpose with a tacky surface that attracts and retains fine dust and dirt. Peel off sheets ensures a fresh layer is always available. The perfect solution for health environments or for maintaining clean room or laboratory standards.

Bar Mats & Event Matting

1. How do I order an Event Mat?

First of all check you have allowed enough time for your Event Mat to be produced. This will be required for a specific date and you should allow a minimum of 15 working days for delivery depending on the quantity. Detail the size and quantity and proceed to the order process in the Event Mat section. We will then contact you to discuss your design.

2. Which type of Event Mat is best?

It depends on the application.

Promo Value is loose lay carpet like material available up to 25m long. It is latex backed and does not have borders. It is designed to be inlaid into existing carpeting for maximum effect or it can be loose laid where we would recommend the edges be taped down for safety reasons. Tape is available to order.

Promo Ultra is a loose lay mat product with borders and can be re-sited easily – maximum size is 85x150cm currently.

Red Carpet Ultra is available in a range of single colours up to 6m long or this same product can be ordered with a logo design via our Colourscope product page.

3. What file format do you require my Bar Runner design?

Pdf, tiff or good quality jpeg is ideal. Please ensure your image is sized for the bar runner size you require with a 5mm bleed on the design.

4. How durable are your bar runner mats?

Our bar runner mats are manufactured from good quality polyester treated to absorb any spillage. They are backed with nitrile rubber to ensure they are fully machine washable and can even be cool tumble dried. Rubber backing ensures no liquid seeps through the mat to the bar surface ensuring a stable, non-slip product.

5. Can I see a sample Bar Runner mat with my design before production?

Yes – there will be £30.00 charge for this service.

6. How many colours can I have on the Event Runner or Bar Runner mats?

The Promo Value, Promo Ultra and Bar Runner mats are digitally printed – therefore no restriction on the number of colours.