Natural Coir Mats

  • Machine Washable
  • Made to Measure
  • Custom Logo Mat
  • Absorbent Mat
  • Steam Cleanable
  • Hard Wearing
  • Guarantee
  • High Dirt Retention
  • Express Delivery
  • Loose Lay Mat
  • Suitable for Mat Wells
  • Suitable for Interiors
  • Suitable for Exteriors
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Made to
Coir Doormats, Standard Sizes - Medium (17mm)
Made to
Coir Mat Natural, Custom Sizes - Thin (14mm)
Made to
Coir Mat Natural, Custom Sizes - Medium (17mm)
Made to
Coir Mat Natural, Custom Sizes - Thick (23mm)
Made to
Coir Mat Natural, Custom Sizes - Thick (28mm)
Made to
Coir Logo Mat (17mm depth)

Coir Logo Mat (17mm depth)

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Colours Available
Made to
Brush Logo Mat  / Coir Alternative (13.5mm depth)
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Natural Coir Doormats

Designed and manufactured for style and practicality, natural coir doormats from Ideal Mats are the perfect addition to a whole range of doorways, whether they’re situated in a commercial or domestic setting.

From shops to leisure centres, offices, factories, apartments or simply in your home, this natural alternative to synthetic matting, provides a stunning welcome, and most importantly, keeps dirt at the door and not on your floors and carpets.

Hardwearing Coir Welcome Mats

Derived from coconut husk, the high-quality coir material used to construct each of our natural coir mats is naturally hardwearing, and able to withstand an exceptionally high footfall, no matter how vigorous the foot-wiping.

Plus, each of our coir door mats comes complete with an ultra hardwearing textured PVC backing, which as well as being durable, is also designed to stay in place on most floor types, even when it’s not set into a matwell.

Natural Coir Doormats

If you’re looking to compliment the natural feel and décor of your home or business premises, coir doormats from Ideal Mats, made from high-quality, natural coconut matting roll, are a great choice all round.

And, because coir is naturally coarse and absorbent, natural coir doormats offer a highly-practical solution to keeping your flooring and carpet clean and dry, helping to reduce slip-hazards and to keep the area looking smart.

Custom Cut to Size Coir Mats

At Ideal Mats, we understand that not all doorways to commercial premises, apartments, or homes are the same, so a door mat often needs to be made with the architectural style and size differences in mind.

That’s why, at Ideal Mats we offer the choice of standard-sized natural coir door mats, or custom made natural coir door mats, where your door mat is cut to the size you need for the perfect fit, whether it’s loose laid or in a matwell.

Cut to Size Coir Mats

Easy To Maintain Coir Mats

Keeping your natural coir mat clean can be essential, especially if it’s located at the entrance or doorway to your commercial premises, whether it’s a shop, office, leisure centre or medical centre.

With a natural coir mat from Ideal Mats, maintenance is simple, and just requires a good, light or vigorous shake from time to time, to release dry dirt, or for more ground-in dirt, we’d suggest using a gentle, dry foam powder cleaner.

12 Month Guarantee

We’re confident your new natural coir door mat or mats will reach you in perfect condition. However, if upon delivery you do have an issue with the overall condition, we provide a 12-month guarantee, covering all manufactured parts.

Order Now For A Fast Delivery

Need your new natural coir doormat as soon as possible? Then order it now using our handy online ordering and customisation tool, and we’ll usually ensure delivery within 1-2 days to any UK mainland address.

Guaranteed next day delivery is available for an extra charge. Contact us to find out more.