Coir Logo Mats

  • Machine Washable
  • Made to Measure
  • Custom Logo Mat
  • Absorbent Mat
  • Steam Cleanable
  • Hard Wearing
  • Guarantee
  • High Dirt Retention
  • Express Delivery
  • Loose Lay Mat
  • Suitable for Mat Wells
  • Suitable for Interiors
  • Suitable for Exteriors
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Made to
All Weather Logo Mat (12mm depth)

All Weather Logo Mat (12mm depth)

Subject to Quote

Colours Available
Made to
Brush Logo Mat  / Coir Alternative (13.5mm depth)
Made to
Coir Logo Mat (17mm depth)

Coir Logo Mat (17mm depth)

Subject to Quote

Colours Available
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Custom Coir Logo Mats

Coir logo mats are custom created natural fibre, coconut entrance mats featuring a company name, logo, branding or a welcome message. They offer all the dirt, grit and dust control benefits of a standard coir mat.

See our range of coir logo mats below:

Traditional Logo Mats

Coir logo mats offer an attractive, traditional, rustic style of door mat featuring your own custom design or logo. Our coir range is created utilising the 'cut and inlay' production method rather than the design being printed on. We can produce your custom coir logo mat to your exact size requirements.

The coarse rustic fibres scrape debris from passing foot traffic, quickly removing both wet and dry dirt, keeping your premises clean.

Our coir logo mats are extremely low maintenance and hard-wearing, simply lift them up and shake to release trapped dirt or give the mat a quick vacuum.

Natural Logo Mats

Our coir range of logo mats are made from natural coconut fibre in a simple, timeless design that is suitable for home, office or retail premises.

Currently available in a range of 9 attractive and natural colours, we can work with almost any logo or graphic you can provide.

Every coir logo mat is backed with a quality vinyl material that retains dirt and moisture inside the mat.

See our full range of Logo Mats

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