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Aluminium Mats

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Aluminium Door Mats

We're proud to present our range of commercial aluminium entrance matting solutions. Made to your required sizing, specifications and choice of surface options our aluminium matting systems are perfect for commercial or industrial entrances such as bars, restaurants, offices and hotels.

Commercial Door Mat Systems

A heavy-duty aluminium floor mat at the entrance massively impacts how clean and welcoming your premises remains. Around 80% of dirt and dust enters a building on the soles of visitors' shoes - dirt that can be efficiently scraped and stored away by our aluminium entrance matting.
For buildings with a high volume of foot traffic a robust, high-quality door mat system is essential to withstand the daily activity of busy commercial premises without quickly degrading.

Aluminium Floor Mats

Our aluminium door mats are designed to look sophisticated and professional, easy to install but highly durable whilst carrying out the important job of preventing dirt and rainwater from entering your building.

Aluminium entrance mats are one of the most effective and durable barrier matting systems available - which is why they are seen in commercial buildings. They're also an excellent option when health and safety is a key concern as they are usually tightly fitted into a recessed mat area and so are completely level with the floor. Any entrance mat system also removes liquid from the bottom of shoes and so can increase traction and prevent accidental slipping and falling inside your premises.

Premium Heavy Duty Track Entrance Mats

These hard-wearing aluminium metal entrance mats are perfect for high footfall areas where a resilient option is required to scrape dirt, dust and debris from shoes and keep it away from indoor floor areas.

The robust aluminium metal grid makes these mats secure and sturdy whilst the cleaning fibres scrape and brush away detritus picked up from outdoors and trap it, keeping your premises cleaner and safer when it comes to slipping on wet soles.

Heights range from 10mm - 17mm and these products are perfect installed into a recessed area so they sit flush with the rest of the floor. Simply vacuum our aluminium entrance mats range to keep them looking their best, like a regular carpet.

Please find below a breakdown of the features of our aluminium mats:

Material and Construction

Our range of aluminium commercial entrance mats are constructed using extremely hard-wearing materials that are highly resilient and ensure longevity even in areas with very heavy foot traffic. The robust aluminium metal grid provides stability and durability, making the mats suitable for long-term use in commercial settings such as the entrances to shops, hotels and offices.

Scrape away Dirt, Dust and Moisture

The function of this range of mats is to keep interior flooring clean and dry by effectively scraping dirt, dust, debris and water from shoes and trapping them in the mat as people enter a building. This helps to prevent particles from being tracked indoors keeping flooring cleaner, drier and safer.

Equipped with hard-wearing cleaning fibres that are specifically designed to brush the soles of shoes, the same fibres also effectively trap the dirt and debris and prevent it from spreading further into the building.

Height Options

This range of heavy-duty metal scraper mats is available in various heights ranging from 10mm to 17mm, which allows for flexibility when dealing with different installation areas and ensures the perfect fit.

Discover durable aluminium floor mat systems for commercial entrances at Ideal Mats. Browse hard-wearing entrance mats for stylish and practical entries.