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Logo mats are personalised entrance mats with your company name, logo, branding or simply a welcome message that offer an excellent way to promote your business whilst also offering dirt, grit and dust control benefits.

See our complete range of personalised front door mats below:

Any Mat, Any Size, Any Design

Personalised Entrance Mats

Our customised logo mats are available in numerous colours, sizes, styles and types. From printed logo mats in over 50 unique colours, traditional coir and brush logo mats to heavy duty outdoor logo scraper mats.

Ideal Mats offer highly customisable logo mats: allowing you to include any type of logo and choose the size, mat type, backing and mat colour.

We offer a complete range of personalised, custom logo mats - from modern, full colour printed logo mats to traditional coir and brush matting.

What is a logo mat?

A logo mat or logo rug is a piece of matting, usually placed directly under an entrance, that has company branding or an image either printed or cut and inlaid into it. Logo mats come in many types - from soft carpet-like materials to bristly coir fibres that are great for scraping off dirt and grime from shoes to logo mats completely constructed from rubber that are fully weather resistant and can be placed outdoors.

What is a logo mat made from?

Logo mats come in many different forms. Some of our most popular options are printed soft nylon, traditional coir, heavy duty brush and rubber outdoor mats.

Printed Cotton Logo Mats

Printed Carpet Logo Mats

Our most popular type of mat is made from hard wearing nylon, with a non-slip rubber backing. The popularity of this product is due to the way it is manufactured, with graphics printed directly onto the material. This method of production allows for a huge range of colours (over 300) and extremely crisp graphics.

We even offer a high definition logo mat that allows us to print photography onto it.

For an extremely customisable logo rug style product, this is the best choice.

Custom Coir Logo Mats

Rustic Coir Logo Mats

This traditional, thicker style of mat is put together from natural coconut fibres that look visually attractive and are able to scrape dirt and debris away from footwear.

Coir logo matting is actually exceedingly easy to maintain and can be lifted and shaken or vacuumed to release trapped dirt.

We can't print directly onto coir matting so logos are cut out and inlaid into the mat using different coloured fibres. This does impose a greater restriction on the type of graphics and logos we're able to produce with this type of mat but for simple graphics or text, this is a beautiful, high quality, long lasting choice.

Heavy Duty Brush Logo Mats

Heavy Duty Brush Logo Mats

Brush logo mats are a heavy duty alternative to coir matting and are perfect for areas with extremely high footfall or frequent scraping. Brush mats are naturally ribbed, which looks highly attractive but also makes them ideal for heavy commercial usage. Unlike coir matting brush mats do not shed fibres as they are more tightly constructed.

Brush logo matting also has the benefit that it is thinner than coir mats, and can be fit into older buildings with lower depth mat wells as required.

Like coir matting, we can't print directly onto brush mats and use a traditional cut and inlay production method which results in an end product of extremely high quality.

Rubber Branded Mats

Outdoor Rubber Logo Mats

Made of thick, premium nitrile rubber, with a textured, slip-resistant surface; our outdoor logo mats are completely resistant to rain, chemicals, grease and oil. Extremely hard wearing - the textured surface of the mat prevents slipping and scrapes off dirt and grime from shoes.

The method of printing we use for our rubber logo mats results in an outstanding level of detail and vibrant colour clarity and because the graphic is moulded directly into the surface of the mat it won't scrape off with use or fade with exposure to sunlight.

This type of mat is perfect for outdoor or industrial usage and can feature a logo or specific safety warning.

How long does it take to produce a logo mat?

We take great care to ensure the end product you receive is of the highest quality, with attention to detail whilst working with you to produce artwork and matching colours as closely as we can to your brand.

We have decades of experience producing custom floor mats for businesses and, regardless of the type of mat you order, have an extremely fast turnaround on our bespoke products - usually producing artwork, manufacturing and delivery within 7-10 working days of visual approval.

Made to order bespoke matting

Logo Mats

Ideal Mats are a UK based logo mat specialist: offering a full range of personalised and commercial logo mats. Our team has decades of experience in the matting industry, enabling us to work with the most detailed of designs and deliver consistently stunning results.

Ideal Mats have been producing high quality personalised front door mats since 2011 and offer a complete bespoke logo mat service, with free artwork provided as part of the service. We’ve provided customised entrance mats for hundreds of well known businesses in the UK and abroad.

We’re extremely experienced at providing the best quality logo entrance mats and are happy to advise you at every stage of your logo mat purchase. We offer very fast turnaround (usually within 5 to 7 working days) and every one of our custom logo mats is priced extremely competitively.

Ideal Mats are committed to the highest product standards and quality of customer service.

Custom Graphic Mats

Personalised Front Door Mats

As well as being a fantastic way to prominently feature your branding, or a custom welcome message as your customers enter your premises, logo floor mats also have functional dust and dirt control benefits - helping to keep your premises clean and protecting against the damaging effects of dirt, grit and dust.

Custom Welcome Mats

Greet your customers or guests with a bespoke created graphic mat featuring your own logo, words or graphics. Our huge range of mats is suitable for any environment.

Printed Logo Door Mats

Our printed logo door mats can be completely tailored to fit in and enhance your existing decor, are available in a huge range of colours, can be created in custom sizes and are fitted with either gripper backing or smooth backing to sit on top of carpet or hard flooring.

Logo Mats in Hundreds of Colours

We have a huge range of logo mats - some of which are available in a choice of hundreds of different backing colours.

Our Colourscope range of graphical mats in particular is available in a range of over 300 various colours - guaranteeing you will be able to find your exact shade.

If you need any guidance ordering your personalised logo mat, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.