Hotel Mats

  • Machine Washable
  • Made to Measure
  • Custom Logo Mat
  • Absorbent Mat
  • Steam Cleanable
  • Hard Wearing
  • Guarantee
  • High Dirt Retention
  • Express Delivery
  • Loose Lay Mat
  • Suitable for Mat Wells
  • Suitable for Interiors
  • Suitable for Exteriors
Features Key
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Absorber Mat + Replacement Pads

From £10.50

Colours Available
  • Black

Brush Tip Outdoor Mat

From £31.90

Colours Available
  • Black

Comfy Tred Safety - Ultimate Swarf Matting

From £92.57

Colours Available
  • Black with Yellow Safety Edges

Jigsaw Gym Mat

From £12.90

Colours Available
  • Black

Leisure Step Extra - Swimming Pool Mat

From £54.00

Colours Available
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue

Multi-Flex Flow

From £35.05

Colours Available
  • Black

Opti-Swarf Value Swarf Matting

From £39.60

Colours Available
  • Black

Outdoor Logo Scraper

Subject to Quote

5 Colours

5 colour combinations available.

Ribbed Rubber - Standard + Electrical

From £103.52

Colours Available
  • Black

Scrapesafe Swarf Mat

From £33.95

Colours Available
  • Black

Shock Absorb Gym Mat

From £45.54

Colours Available
  • Black

Sponge Rib OR Pebble pattern

From £20.35

Colours Available
  • Sponge Pebble Black/Yellow
  • Sponge Pebble Grey
  • Sponge Pebble Black
  • Sponge Rib Black
  • Sponge Rib Grey
  • Sponge Rib Grey/Yellow

Standeasy Super (14.3MM)

From £54.00

Colours Available
  • Standeasy Super Black
  • Standeasy Super Black/Yellow
Made to
Standeasy Super / Made to Measure (14.3MM)

Standeasy Super / Made to Measure (14.3MM)

From £64.00

Colours Available
  • Standeasy Super Black
  • Standeasy Super Black/Yellow

Standeasy Super Plus (25.4MM)

From £220.51

Colours Available
  • Black
  • Black/Yellow
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Floor mats for hotel receptions, kitchens, swimming pools and gyms.

Our range of high quality mats are ideally suited to many areas within a hotel. From a custom entrance logo mat that welcome your guests to the premises to anti-slip mats for kitchen areas.

Our range of mats make a hotel a more welcoming, safer, more comfortable place to stay or work.

Hotel Welcome Logo Mats

A logo mat adds the finishing touch to the entrance of your hotel, reinforcing the hotel's aesthetic and branding and adding a sense of sophistication.

We are specialists in taking your design and turning it into a fantastic logo mat.

Whether you're a large hotel or a small bed and breakfast a custom created logo mat will welcome your visitors and start their stay with you in the best possible way.

Hotel Kitchen Mats

Our range of kitchen mats are perfect for a busy commercial hotel kitchen. They catch and trap food debris and are made from grease resistant Nitrile rubber which can help prevent staff from slipping whilst working.

Some of our hotel kitchen mats also combine anti-fatigue benefits that makes working standing up all day more comfortable for kitchen staff.

Anti-Slip Kitchen Mats

Hotel Gym & Swimming Pool Mats

For larger hotels with gym and swimming facilities we also offer a range of mats that make these environments a safer and more pleasant place to be.

Our range of swimming pool mats prevent trips and slips in slippery areas surrounding water and are comfortable underfoot.

Hotel Swimming Pool Mats

Our selection of gym mats reduce impact shock and reduce noise from exercising with heavy equipment.

Hotel Swimming Pool Mats