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Dirt Trapper Mats

  • Machine Washable
  • Made to Measure
  • Custom Logo Mat
  • Absorbent Mat
  • Steam Cleanable
  • Hard Wearing
  • Guarantee
  • High Dirt Retention
  • Express Delivery
  • Loose Lay Mat
  • Suitable for Mat Wells
  • Suitable for Interiors
  • Suitable for Exteriors
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Cotton Ultimat / Standard Size

From £48.00

Colours Available
  • Brown
  • Black / Grey
  • Black / White

Looper Dirt and Debris Catcher Mat

From £61.50

Colours Available
  • Blue
  • Grey

Waterhog Entrance Mat

From £52.50

5 Colours

5 colour combinations available.

Made to
Cotton Ultimat / Made to Measure

Cotton Ultimat / Made to Measure

From £88.00

Colours Available
  • Brown
  • Black / Grey
  • Black / White
Made to
Cotton Domestic / Made to Measure

Cotton Domestic / Made to Measure

From £32.00

Colours Available
  • Black / Brown
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Protect your floors from dirt, mud, dust and rainwater

Dirt Trapper Mats

Our range of dirt catcher mats are the ideal solution for removing and holding dirt, mud, dust and rainwater before it enters your home, office, shop or any other premises.

We are able to supply dirt trap mats in a huge range of sizes, from standard sizes up to runners or cut to size dimensions.

We also offer dirt trapping custom floor logo mats that can feature a logo, branding or message.

Our dirt grabber mats are extremely resilient and suited to everyday foot traffic - coming with either a latex or extremely strong nitrile rubber backing depending on the type of floor mat you select.

  • Trap dirt, moisture and dust at the door
  • Absorbent natural cotton fibres
  • Strong latex or rubber backing
  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Highly durable and hard-wearing
  • Range of dirt disguising colours
  • Guaranteed for 12 months

Amazingly absorbent cotton fibres

Constructed from thickly packed natural cotton fibres, the absorbent top layer of our dirt and mud trapper mats trap dirt, dust, mud and rainwater from shoes, boots or your pets paws.
Available in a range of colours, in a multi-tone design that disguises the dirt that the mat is trapping to protect your flooring.

Nitrile rubber or latex backing

Our cotton dirt trapper mats are backed with either a latex or nitrile rubber anti-slip backing to protect the floor under the mat.
Nitrile rubber is an incredibly resilient and oil-resistant material used in the automotive and aeronautical industries.
Some of our dirt catching mats are available with a selection of backings to better suit smooth or carpeted flooring.

Machine Washable and Easy to Clean

Our soft cotton mats are extremely easy to clean and can be steam cleaned, vacuumed, carpet cleaned or even machine washed at 30°c. Hang the mats to dry out naturally and they are ready to use again.
For larger mats, a commercial washing machine may be required.

If you need any guidance ordering your personalised logo mat, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.